Minimalist, welcoming and striking. Located in the Business Centre Building, the Tecmaia Auditorium is one of the most outstanding spaces in the entire park. The Auditorium has a capacity for an audience of 309 people, and is prepared to host events that excel in their distinctiveness and linger in memory. Tried, tested and recommended by accredited professionals, our Auditorium also enjoys superb acoustics that suit everything from hosting the most demanding musical performance to a simple conference on the most pertinent themes in the world of business and innovation.

We've tried, but haven’t found a single photograph that does justice to the power of its attraction. Come and see for yourself this ideal space for your ventures. Click on "Learn More" and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Main Features
- 309 audience seats
- Video projection on 4x4 screen
- 2 simultaneous translation booths
- Stage equipped with lectern, tables, chairs and dressing rooms
- WiFi and air conditioning
- Reception/accreditation area
- Foyer with scullery for coffee and/or other refreshment breaks
- Free parking up to the maximum capacity of the park