Yes, Tecmaia has already received several study visits that aim to contact the entrepreneurial ecosystem. These visits can be scheduled directly with the companies installed or with our support at [email protected]

Yes, the spaces can be rented by any entity respecting a price list and the availability of the desired location. For all conditions contact us at [email protected]

No, the concept of TECMAIA is limited in terms of business activity. The infrastructure of the park is prepared to receive entities that are mainly engaged in the service sector, research and development and not, for example, industrial exploitation.

Yes, TECMAIA still has an area for the establishment of new companies in the park. To know more contact us at [email protected]

Yes, all services such as the Health Club, VOG Café, Hairdresser, Travel Agency and Postal Office are freely accessible by the commercial rules determined by each of the referred establishments.

Just contact us at [email protected] and we will evaluate the relevance of the proposed partnership.

Yes, all the events announced on our site are open to the general public. You just need to follow the participation rules mentioned.