Compta leaves Valongo and settles in Tecmaia with 30 employees

With technological centres in the TagusValley - Tecnopólo do Vale do Tejo in Abrantes, in the Science and Technology Park of Alentejo in Évora, and in the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Compta decided, in the case of the Northern region, to abandon its facilities in Alfena, Valongo, and transfer to the Maia Science and Technology Park (Tecmaia).
The choice of Tecmaia was precisely due to its “more central location and greater proximity to an ecosystem where we want to have a more active position in the North”, explained Jorge Delgado, CEO of Compta, in a statement to Negócios.
The new Compta centre at Tecmaia, which opened on Thursday 14 June, houses 30 people, five of whom were already taken on earlier this year.
And there are new hires under way. “By the end of the year there will be six more positions open, that we want to fill with more talent," said Jorge Delgado.
The Compta group currently employs about 240 people.
Mr. Delgado added that the new unit in Maia accounts for about 15% of the group's turnover, "bearing in mind its direct commercial performance", and, he emphasised, "being in the North is particularly important because it houses skills, equipment and services provided to other parts of the country, and even international projects - in the area, for example, of business applications”.
With five innovation centres in the country, including Lisbon, Compta had announced last February in a Negócios interview that it would open a new one in Viseu, probably still this year.
"We continue working to open this centre quickly. However, we had to prioritise these new facilities [at Tecmaia]", the technology manager said.
"To date we have several ongoing projects in the region and a workspace at IBM's facilities, our project partner, which has allowed us to meet the most pressing needs", he said. Compta closed the year 2017 with revenues of 32.3 million euros, about one million less than the previous year, and profits of 232,000 euros. "These results also represent a strategic adjustment, as we increasingly focus on the quality of results rather than volume", the company's CEO argued.
In terms of international operations, Mr. Delgado said that "the group is building and developing a channel that in 2018 has partners in 27 geographies", adding that "with this approach, the weight of the international operation will grow significantly in the coming years".