Alfa, Alfa+, Beta and Beta+. We’ve used the ancient Greek alphabet to name our Conference Rooms. Located in the Business Centre Building, and on the same floor as the Auditorium, the Conference Rooms meet all the conditions for holding meetings, training sessions and small exhibitions.

We have no doubt that we have the ideal place for your next initiative. Come and see our Conference Rooms for yourself. Click on "Learn More" and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Main Features
- 4 rooms, each with 55m2;
- Possibility of converting two rooms into one with 110m2;
- Furniture for Meeting, U-format, School or Conference layouts;
- Video projection and Flipchart
- WiFi and air conditioning;
- Reception/accreditation zone;
- Foyer with scullery for coffee and/or other refreshment breaks;
- Free parking up to the maximum capacity of the park;